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MUZUU.DE is only Webspace

I was running out of space at and

So I had to decide, doing everything new or get a cheapo.

Scales as tabulatures for guitarists

All scales in every key upto 6 #/b

This is work in progress, so be patient. Navigation is still stupid and I will give more information soon (i.e. something very usefull is still missing: What chords are in the scales.) And all this stuff is generated form the Lucytunes scales database, so there are still some things in the base I can not handle. Some pages will not be generated correctly, but very few! (of the > 30.000 tabs ;-)

Work in progress: Guitar pages

Here are all scales in every key and the tabulatures for guitar. This is work in prgress but yet usefull. Take a look

Over 140000 Mappings from Triads (maj, min, aug, dim) to Scales hat include them

This is work in progress. So even if most of the mappings seem to be right, there may be misstakes. The database is fust too big for me to check every dataset.

So please let me know if you find something wrong.

and here is a mapping from every triad (131) to all scales (score, tab and midi) that include this triad